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Improving Rice Lake's Water and Recreational Quality for Our Members

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Rice Lake of Stearns County

There are many "Rice Lakes" in Minnesota. Our Rice Lake is in Stearns County, Central Minnesota, in the south-central part of the county. Click here to display a map of our lake and the roads that service it.

Our Mission

  • Improve the water and recreational quality of our Lake through promotion of sound lake management practices;

  • Educate our members regarding issues that affect their lakeshore;

  • Advocate our members' interests before governmental bodies in matters involving our Lake;

  • Promote research and appropriate standards for proper management of our Lake, the North Fork of the Crow River, and other surrounding tributaries;

  • Seek enforcement of laws that affect Minnesota lakes and watersheds.  

"It's great to see how powerfully the association advocates for our lake and the impact it has." 

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