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About Rice Lake Association

The Rice Lake Association (RLA) was formed in 1975 as a way for those with a vested interest in the lake to protect and improve the quality of the lake. Over our 35+ years history, the RLA has been actively working with members, government organizations and area watershed districts, completing many clean water projects.


Working together we can make more of a difference than working alone. We encourage you to become a member of the Rice Lake Association so that you can share your concerns and help us preserve this beautiful resource for generations to come. 

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Our Mission

  • Improve the water and recreational quality of our Lake through promotion of sound lake management practices;

  • Educate our members regarding issues that affect their lakeshore;

  • Advocate our members' interests before governmental bodies in matters involving our Lake;

  • Promote research and appropriate standards for proper management of our Lake, the North Fork of the Crow River, and other surrounding tributaries;

  • Seek enforcement of laws that affect Minnesota lakes and watersheds.

"I'm amazed at what the collective power of the association has been able to do and the difference it has made to the lake." 

– RLA Member

RLA Board

The Rice Lake Association Board is presently comprised of three officers, President, Vice President & Dir of Information and six additional Board members. The Board meets the second Saturday of each month from April through October at the Tinnies Tavern on Rice Lake. 

RLA Board Members:

  • Deb Henry, President, 


RLA Board of Directors
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