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Water Level Tracking

The water level of Rice Lake has been tracked by volunteers who live on the lake since 1973.  A measuring stick is placed in the water, at a specific GIS location, in front of the volunteer's property. The volunteer regularly records changes in the water level and reported the information to a Water Level Specialist at the Department of Natural Resources.  Ralph Klassen is the current volunteer tracking the water level.

From DNR Water Level Website

Period of record:  06/05/1973 to 09/29/2018
# of readings:  3443
Highest recorded:  1128.16 ft (06/24/1986) 
Lowest recorded:  1121.22 ft (09/09/1988)
Recorded range:  6.94 ft.

Last reading:  1122.97 ft (09/29/2018)

Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) elevation:  1125.1 ft

Datum:  NGVD 29 (ft)T

The following graph was provided by the DNR. More details

Water Level Graph.png
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