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Rice Lake Association Annual Meeting Held on August 3, 2019

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Rice Lake Association Annual Meeting was held on August 3 at the Hope Shore Bible Camp and Retreat Center. Minutes and presentations from the meeting can be accessed here.

RLA Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Ralph Klassen, Arne Tilleson, Deb Henry, Mike Fish, Susan Anderson, Eric Anderson, Tim Keane, Peter Anton

  1. Opening Comments/Introductions S. Anderson welcomed the members and introduced the Board members.

  2. Success in Cleaning Up Feedlot RunoffNathan Hylla, Project Manager for the Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) gave an overview of how land use in the county has changed in the last century, how it affects the lakes and what projects SCWD is undertaking to address the issues. DOWNLOAD NATHAN'S PRESENTATION

  3. Stearns County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Steve Soyka gave an overview the Sheriff’s Office and the Water Patrol Division, including staff, enforcement and issues they can or cannot address. He answered questions from members including implementation of “no wake” zones.

  4. NFCRWD 2019 Activities AdministratorCris Skonard gave an overview of the NFCRWD over the last year. He also alerted members that John Hanson’s Board position will expire in 1.5 years and they will be looking for someone who is interested in taking over his position.

  5. Treasurer’s Report RLA Treasurer – Eric Anderson presented the Financial Report highlighting Income and Expenses.

  6. RLA Activities President Susan Anderson gave an overview of the RLA Board activities over the last year including AIS detection and management, working with other organizations, member communications and events. She also covered the annual costs of the activities and how that matches up with income. AIS, including Boat Inspections, vegetation surveys and AIS treatments.

  7. Funding Options and What Member Can Do Board Member Mike Fish covered the options available to the Board for increasing income to cover RLA expenses in the future years and what might happen if we cannot fund the overgoing activities, particularly in regard to AIS Detection and Management. He solicited input from the membership as to which option(s) seemed viable to them. Fish also covered what members can do to help the Board with their activities.

  8. Board Elections Board Elections were held for the following positions. The membership elected the following Board members: • President – Tim Keane • Vice President – Ralph Klassen • Board Member – Heather Hanks

  9. Acknowledgements President Susan Anderson thanked the volunteers who assist the Board with Fishing Opener, the 4th of July Boat Parade and Water Quality Monitoring.

  10. Wrap Up President Susan Anderson adjourned the meeting.

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